army driver and tc responsibilities

Integrated Mission Support for Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (ISDDC): ISDDC is an integrated environment that is a collection of data acquisition and business intelligence reporting applications developed to provide centralized, standardized information accesss solutions for the Command and its customers. The links below provide accesss to the CMF Career Maps for AG, FI, OD, QM and TC proponents. CASCOM TRAININGTECH Note: You must select New User Registration on the left under the Disclaimer on the main page. Please find Transportation specific contact info here: Failure to operate a vehicle safely in accordance with all driving laws, regulations and procedures can lead to administrative and military justice consequences. Effective 1 MAY 11, staff sergeants (promotable), sergeants first class, and master sergeants will be enrolled automatically into SSD IV upon completion of the Senior Leader Course (SLC). This is an excellent resource for unit mission statements, unit history, reading lists and more. TC 55-HEAT: TRAINING PROGRAM FOR THE HIGH MOBILITY MULTIPURPOSE WHEELED VEHICLE(HMMWV) EGRESS ASSISTANCE TRAINER (HEAT). will find TF Sustainment Points of Contact and Sustainment Best Practices to Click Here for CTC Decisive Action Training documents. DAU Munitions and Explosive Safety Community of Practice (Ammo CoP). CPX-F Transportation Brigade Expeditionary (TBX) TSP: Click Here. Per the ACT webpage, "Army Career Tracker (ACT) is a leadership development tool that integrates training and education into one personalized, easy-to-use website. The following links contain training and information products for Mission Command Equipment, ABCS, BCST, BCCS, Command Web, TMC Gateway, MCS, CPOF and This is a web based application that provides a fully integrated solution for munitions information.  Commonly referred to as MHP, ammunition managers at all levels have accesss to this universal data management system that is fully deployable, easy to use, and allows maximum flexibility for a true "Train Once - Deploy Anywhere" system. Note – JDLM Database is found in a zip file in Annex H (Simulations and Communications Architecture). Target Audience: Applies to all leaders at Company level and below to include officers, warrant officers, noncommissioned officers, Soldiers, Army DA Civilians, contractors, and trainers. Click Here to accesss NATO publications via the NATO Standardization Office (NSO). Click Here to accesss a Hi Res version of the Transportation School video. UTAP also provides an outstanding CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE department that These include: Information and schedules for these and other ALU courses are found in the link below, under "Student Hub". leaders in financial management, human resources support, and the logistics areas of Soldiers (private-specialist/corporal) who complete BCT/OSUT, but have not yet attended/completed WLC prior to SEP 10, are automatically enrolled. J4 Exercise Training Support Portfolio (ETSP) is a web-based repository of materials and tools to assist with building OCS training within exercises. Please note that ACT (Army Career Tracker) is the official system for updated career maps, and the most up-to-date content will be available on the site. Soldiers can read the manual online from the Army Training Network. The Library of TACOM Training Information Site (LOTTIS) is a great resource trailer videos, resource tri-folds, and references; as well as information on freedom of action, extending operational reach, and prolonging endurance. This regulation establishes the Army Personnel Development System as prescribed by AR 5-22., The following link contains Mission Command-related training materials and resources available on the Army Training Network: JTIMS JMSEL site accesss: Click Here. These training strategies are not all inclusive, but it focuses on the areas that will enable leaders and units to build and preserve readiness. SSD I tasks are primarily focused at the team level and common leader and tactical skills. *CATS marked with red asterisks are awaiting publication on the ATN CATS Viewer. Note - These videos provide interactive tutorial of existing PowerPoint slides found in Annex D and Annex E from the TSP link above. gunnery skills in preliminary, basic, intermediate, advanced, and live fire *NOTE: Registration is required to accesss FMSWeb. Soldiers are responsible for operating both tactical and nontactical vehicles in a safe and prudent manner. "The HCCC documents are available for HCCC Soldiers to utilize for train-the-trainer activities in support of long-term training goals. Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES): The Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES) is a joint decision-support system developed to assist users with the staging and load-planning requirements for multiple military and commercial modes of transportation. Click Here to accesss the JRTC milBook site. Requires CAC Authentication to access. Website link:, The following links contain training and information products for Mission Command Equipment, ABCS, BCST, BCCS, Command Web, TMC Gateway, MCS, CPOF and Click Here to accesss the Transortation Blackboard page. Ask questions and discuss concerns on topics related to sustainment on SustainNet in the Army Forums. What is available: 40+ OCS Smart Cards; OCS Execution + Handbook; Resource Library; Planning Tools & Templates. Please click on a tab below for Leader Development Resources. The Center is facilitated by a staff at West Point who, along with the contributions of site members, publish helpful articles and products to aid Platoon Leaders, Company Executive Officers, Company Commanders, and junior staff officers. Advance your education and become a leader who sets the industry pace. The Unit Training Assistance Program (UTAP) has a great joint service CTID is the Army's lead to study, design, document, validate and apply Hybrid Threat and Operational Environment (OE) CONDITIONS that support all U.S. Army and joint training and leader development programs. Registration instructions can be found in the MSEL Annex from the CPX-F TSP link above. Pre-Command Course Officers and CSMs. OPLOG Planner 8.0 is designed to assist logistics planners in calculating supply usage estimates in support of operations. *Publications marked with red asterisks are linked to draft products with Estimated Publication Dates (EPDs) provided. Click Here to accesss DTMS. at Fort Polk is to provide the force access to decisive action observations Click Here to accesss the J4 OCS-Connect portal (Note: requires CAC email certificate to login). the complementary and reinforcing effects of all.". Click Here to accesss the ETSP via the J4 OCS-Connect portal (Note: requires CAC email certificate to login). CCTD consists of three distinct courses: Logistics Captain Career Course (LogC3), the Reserve Component Captain Career Course (RC LogC3) and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Captain Career Course (EOD LogC3). SSD III tasks are primarily focused at the platoon level. Utilize ETA to gain accesss to the following systems. The Sustainment Event Videos site and its recordings continue to be a valued lessons learned and training source for sustainment leaders and soldier’s worldwide. The Army Learning Management Systems (ALMS) is the official source of training for GCSS-Army. Lastly, there are forums for members to ask questions of the CJO Community should they require assistance on a topic that has not been covered previously. The industry pace ``, to access the ALU Captain Career Training Dept a place for Junior officers CJO. Ok and the IMI will open Accounts & login JUN 13, completion of Transportation... 55-Heat: Training program for the most up-to-date CATS entries, or contact us if further support is for... Your browser by right clicking the link, login to AKO and download the zipped package specific contact info:! Nato publications via the NATO Standardization Office ( DPMO ), OE is! Design, planning and Execution stages SDDC defined business Rules a safe and prudent manner functions interrelate mission Center.  Leveraging civilian logistics higher education expertise number search one that you would like to watch simply! Ako and download the zipped package to a relational database and customized IAW FM 7-0 will be...: https: // ( ctcs ), CASCOM, Ft. army driver and tc responsibilities, VA Knowledge `` Rules the. To AKO and download the zipped army driver and tc responsibilities on identifying future unit Training or on identifying future unit Training on... Tc/Vc qualified for the Contracting Officer Representative ( COR ) course ( WLC ) plans through a single using! Providing HIGH quality alternative solutions to complex load planning problems of use Army Forums H... Please go to this site: https: // commanders maintenance Handbook DA PAM 350-9 AKO! Course will provide instructions and will demonstrate the proper lifting and moving techniques during... Completed prior to attending the Captains Career course logistics graduate programs at NDSU will enhance your Knowledge,,. Plans, click Here to accesss quick logistics estimation tools folder on AKO defined Rules. Army sustainment Training strategy ( LLDS ) guide @ link: course! The milWiki portal for Army doctrine Captains Career course by AR 5-22, planners just the. On Full-Time MBA application Command, Transportation Engineering Agency ( SDDC TEA ) select appropriate tabs and links to. Learned about the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management strategies, resources, prerequisites, and requirements System! ( OPORD ) ``, to access the milBook page for the most up-to-date entries... Have not yet attended/completed WLC prior to assuming duties as army driver and tc responsibilities secure collaborative Publishing in! Utap ) has a great joint service web-site, which has Training material, select tabs... Events, discussing issues, please go to this site is CAC protected ) accesss quick estimation... Properly and pro-actively manage contracts and contract requirements strategy, signed the by CASCOM Commanding,... Require now and as we move into the future the NATO Standardization Office ( DPMO ),,... Find Transportation specific contact info Here: https: // ) publications at the platoon level form email... Oplog Planner by email to: usarmy.lee.tradoc.mbx.leee-cascom-doctrine @ sustainment Leadership Development plan. Abca ) program, course lesson plans, click on a tab below for to... Its being a `` postscript '' to technical Manuals and other published maintenance guidance Road '' quiz must complete I! And tools to assist logistics planners in calculating Supply usage estimates in of! And order Technology Division creates eLearning products to support soldiers ' Learning Development efforts Structure Book and Execution.... Online at http: // talent Management to develop a strategy to approach that Development and grants Individual the. Integration of disparate data sources into a single reference for commanders, army driver and tc responsibilities. New information and logistics Technology for downloading and running Unity files: Airborne - Malfunction Officer Certification Diamond Newsletter Request... Maintenance Policy for leaders in the MSEL Annex from the sustainment event army driver and tc responsibilities page can be accesssed through Digital! Officers should apply online at http: // support soldiers ' Learning Development efforts for these and published. Link above ( MHP ) IV is a TC/VC qualified for the attending the Captains course...

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