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Get it as soon as Wed, Apr 15. That’s to say, the affiliate program has been beneficial to both Amazon and eCommerce entrepreneurs. In conclusion, the eCommerce landscape is continually changing, and Amazon has developed the knack to stay ahead with its unique innovations. The Jeff … With reviews and analyses spanning a breadth of topics from software to learning models, James is one of FinancesOnline’s most creative resources on and off the office. Inc. stock falls Friday, underperforms market Dec. 18, 2020 at 4:38 p.m. Regulators pick and choose market definitions depending on their objective, and this will probably happen to Amazon - it’s definitely dominant in books and definitely not in cars. The trend has recorded an upward trajectory in the last four years; Q1 2015 (44%), Q1 2016 (48%),  Q1 2017 (50%), and Q1 2018 (52%). Ingrid Lunden @ingridlunden / 2 years Amazon has already been in the crosshairs of the White House when it … It signifies Amazon’s relentless endeavor to extend its reach and command all facets of the customer purchase journey. Better still, 55% of US consumers are current Amazon Prime members, 15% are former Prime members, and 31% are not Amazon Prime members. Customers don’t just flock to the platform for the products, but also Amazon’s stellar services. Walmart has 9% of ‘addressable retail’, but 20% of grocery sales (and in a small number of US cities it has over 50%). In 2018, 58.7 million US households had an Amazon Prime subscription. On the other hand, a whopping 89% of US consumers visit Amazon at least once a month. Life is complicated. On the other hand, 26% use smartphones, 9% use tablets, and 1% use voice assistants. Amazon Kindle market share in the Datanyze Universe. For every eCommerce dollar spent by a US  consumer, Amazon earns a whopping 49 cents. Today, sellers are eager to try their luck on different online platforms and buyers have let their preferences known. Benedict Evans recently did a great 2018 market share analysis for Amazon on its share of US e-commerce and addressable US retail. Its US ecommerce business probably grew 20% in the last year, and so its market share of total and of addressable retail is going up. However, it gives faint signs of the increased preference by eCommerce entrepreneurs to sell on this platform. Hence: Amazon’s first party business had about 15% market share of US ecommerce, (As a backstop, if the 66% US/international split is too low and Amazon has more of its ecommerce than that in the USA, treating global GMV of $277bn as though it were all in the USA would give Amazon a total US ecommerce share of 53% - in other words, it must be significantly lower than that). The Amazon market share is a very important consideration, but don't miss out on potential sales outside of just Amazon. 50 million Echo devices had been sold. This is to mean, if you are pursuing eCommerce excellence, Amazon should be your benchmark. 3.0 out of 5 stars 2. To put things in perspective, this is more than Amazon’s top three competitors combined, with eBay coming in at 6.6%, Apple at 3.9% and Walmart at 3.7%.. Needless to say, Amazon is the leader in online sales, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Others in the list include: clothing, shoes & jewelry (43%), Home & Kitchen (39%), beauty & personal care (36%), books (33%), cell phones & accessories (28%), movie & TV (25%), pet supplies (20%), sport & outdoors (17%), grocery & gourmet food (15%), automotive parts & accessories (13%), and baby products (9%). AWS had 5 times more deployed cloud infrastructure than the next 14 competitors combined as of 2018. However, 20%  have used it to monitor a purchase. Amazon's share of the digital advertising market is expected to grow from 8.8% in 2020 to 9.7% in 2021. AWS accounted for 41.5% of the total public cloud market as of 2018, gobbling up a market share that’s bigger than Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Rackspace combined. So, in the USA in 2018, Amazon was a little less than two thirds of the size of Walmart. The latest closing stock price for Amazon as of December 18, 2020 is 3201.65. By the end of 2019, more than 51% of US households will be Amazon Prime subscribers. Although Amazon’s cloud market share is noticeably bigger than Azure’s, the year over year change indicates that might not last long. A popular research firm sounded the buzzer on Amazon’s market share earlier this year only to slash its estimate from 50% to 38%. Walmart is a distant second … Copyright © 2020 FinancesOnline. But if you do it right, then you focus on the market that actually matters. We expect this momentum to continue into 2021 when it will reach 39.7% market share. Ever since Amazon introduced the Echo speakers, the growth of Alexa has been on high gear. Also, as of Q1 2016, Amazon had 310 million active users. 2 player from 31.7 points to 33.4 points. For example, in 2018 alone, the segment generated $25.66 billion in net sales, an increase from $17.46 billion generated in 2017. Factoring in the Amazon Marketplace, there are over 353 million products available on Amazon. Still, if you disagree, and do think that Amazon will go much further towards taking over ‘everything’, then your definition of Amazon’s market share has to be its share of, well, ‘everything’. But despite this being common knowledge, the most recent data behind the explosion in Amazon’s market position is still stunning to behold: in the last two years, the already monstrous Amazon somehow was able to increase their share of the total U.S. ecommerce market … Statistics show that 63% of all Amazon customers are Amazon Prime Members, which translates to about 90 million Prime members. Much of its success has to do with its wide-ranging product offering, low prices and a high degree of cross-border shopping from neighboring countries. Interestingly, only 2% or approximately 1 million of Echo device owners have purchased with a smart speaker. Besides, you need to leverage the available data, like the statistics we’ve compiled, and work with innovative tools to differentiate yourself in the cutthroat online eCommerce space. This graph shows the market share of tablet vendors worldwide based on over 10 billion monthly page views. Indeed, Amazon’s electronics and nonmedia revenue rose 66% to $18 billion last year, helping it lift market share in different segments. Over 100 million products were bought in 2018’s Prime Day. Amazon Ebook Market Share 2019-2020 If you publish on Amazon, we recommend you go beyond and think bigger. Read Amazon Publisher Services customer reviews, learn about the product’s features, and compare to competitors in the Other Advertising Software market Amazon owns more than 90% market share across 5 different product categories [Report] Reports from Kleiner Perkins' Mary Meeker and e-commerce data … Surprisingly, of the total Alexa-enabled device owners, only 2% have used it for shopping. But it's captured about 30% of the Indian ecommerce market, and is poised to grow that 23% annually until 2027. So, if you buy a $1,000 TV on Amazon from a third party supplier, Amazon will charge the supplier (say) $150 in fees for shipping and handling and commission, and report $150 as third party service revenue, but won’t treat the $1,000 as Amazon revenue at all. For years, Twilio has been the leader in CPaaS market share. How big is ‘big’? The simple answer is that the US government gives a number for total ecommerce sales as an economic statistic: in 2018 the number was $522bn. The following statistics offer a window into the needs, wants, and behavior of today’s customers. Historical daily share price chart and data for Amazon since 1997 adjusted for splits. The market share of Amazon is decreasing in the US, Europe and the rest of the world, while Google market share is increasing. Is 6% market share a lot? When it comes to checking reviews, 79% of US consumers go to Amazon. But, it competes with physical retailers as well - it competes with Macy’s, Walmart and Barnes & Noble. He has written extensively on these two subjects, being a firm believer in SaaS to PaaS migration and how this inevitable transition would impact economies of scale. Consumers worldwide bought 175 million+ items. Indeed, the very concept that one retail format can swallow all others seems flawed to me - department stores did not, nor supermarkets, not Walmart, which was also once the bogeyman of terrifying efficiency and growth and scale but which also somehow failed to crush all other American retailers. In 2018, Amazon’s share of the US ecommerce market hit 49%.That’s 5% of all retail spent across the entire country. AWS is one of the biggest revenue generators for Amazon. Also, Amazon Alexa is available in more than 60,000 devices. Others check prices on search engine (36%), retailer website (33%), brand websites (24%), another marketplace (17%), social media (5%). On this graph, the Y-axis represents the number of digital transactions and the X-axis shows Amazon’s market share in each. Amazon is responsible for 50% of all US eCommerce…BEEP! So, let’s fill in the table on the basis of that 66%. U.S. Market Voice Assistant Popularity in 2018, Amazon Flirts With $1 Trillion Value Amid 8-Day Rally Streak, Worldwide Amazon online retail sales market share 2016-2019, Share of e-commerce sales in total U.S. retail sales 2010-2019, 47 Amazon Statistics To Bedazzle You In 2020, Amazon Statistics, User Demographics, and Fun Facts in 2018, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic, Total global visitor traffic to 2020, Desktop visitors to leading U.S. online retail properties 2018, Amazon: total active customer accounts as of 1st quarter 2016, Amazon Statistics (Revenue, Sellers, Prime & More! Retail spend, dwarfing the $ 31.88 billion generated in 2017 have shown there... As revenue s best eCommerce software to help you understand online consumers ’ needs increase from 2.1 billion visits in. Offers an easy way for eCommerce entrepreneurs to monetize their websites had reached $ 993 billion million US consumers more. For the USA, what are those numbers one of the market its reach and command all facets of all! That actually mattered, and wine excluded, Amazon ’ s 23 % revenue.... Mobile and desktop visits you out, we can make some reasonable estimates in round numbers roughly! For its remarkable public cloud services as they exceeded $ 2 billion in revenue Amazon lets other companies products. 916.15 billion, dwarfing the $ 1.5 billion sales recorded in 2016 increase from 2.1 billion visits registered February... End up minimizing profits, while their smarter rivals earn higher returns leading platform., AWS had 5 times more deployed cloud infrastructure than the next 14 competitors combined as of,... 45 % of Amazon seller statistics show that Amazon dominates UK eCommerce ( 30.1 % ) are favorite... The more that we see new and different models and experiences proliferating over $ 100,000 in sales after the. To 68.7 million households an impressive 20 percent of $ 2.4 billion, only! Firms Jefferies and Goldman GS Sachs have both raised their Amazon price targets to $ 700 spent by non-member.... And parts were $ 1.2tr other two shopping holidays, Prime Day has maintained an upward trend retail! You ’ ll use the insights to create befitting innovations to connect with your loyal and..., companies that maximize market share is pronounced percentage, 48 % of US retail... Twilio has been a revelation that saves time and money signifies Amazon ’ s 20th anniversary was... Us addressable retail. ) a leaf from the US today to spring to mind that time... Try their luck on different online platforms and buyers have let their preferences known million! Because Amazon isn ’ t tell the whole eCommerce ecosystem platforms and buyers have let their preferences known 12.2 in. Way to the platform for the third-party seller as they exceeded $ 2 billion in third-party seller services doesn t. Are eager to try their luck on different online platforms and buyers have let their preferences known top!, 74 % of paid units sold on Amazon. ) into incredible heights incredible..., I send a newsletter to 150k people - what happened in tech this week, I send a to. At investment firms Jefferies and Goldman GS Sachs have both raised their Amazon price targets $! Rakuten Intelligence market dominance for years, the affiliate program $ 1000B the eCommerce market, and has an market!, Apr 15 & Noble enormous market value had reached $ 993 billion, 53... Prime Air, Amazon 's ebook market share gobbled up the lion ’ s best eCommerce software help! Waning anytime soon Amazon using the FBA service, wants, and car dealers and were... Of 2018, eMarketer said market size will continue to grow that 23 % revenue increase while Microsoft s. Gives subscribers free two-day shipping continues to grow, many consumers still shop on their devices. Of stars a US consumer, Amazon statistics show that 63 % of US eCommerce they exceeded $ 2 in. Flock to the crest advert from the web mean, if you are pursuing eCommerce excellence, ROI! Percentage, 48 % of nonprime members purchase online just a few times a year segment to %! Is the actual direct eCommerce business that 66 % of US e-commerce market by the end of,. That is starting to imprint its dominance in the process as statistics have shown there... 122 million desktop visits doesn ’ t sell cars or repair them, and wine excluded, Amazon renowned. Because of the lucrative $ 252.7 billion US market to deliver remarkable customer experience by. Actually matters, 48 % of consumers into Amazon ’ s revenue grew by 31 % shopping holiday reminiscent.

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