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What’s a few nice Link monsters to use with add Odd-eyes/Performapal/Magician pendulum deck? Check translation ), Einmal pro Spielzug: Du kannst eine Stufe. If a "Performapal" monster is sent from the hand to your Graveyard (except during the Damage Step), while this card is in your Graveyard: You can Special Summon this card. Aug 11, 2016 - Performapal Radish Horse TDIL-EN007 COMMON - Cards Outlet has FREE SHIPPING on Single Card Orders Over $14.99 Monsters like "Cheermole" and "Sword Fish" can manipulate ATK and DEF permanently in large increments and continue to do so if they can remain on the field while others like "Fire Mufflerlion" and "Spikeagle" grant bonuses for attacking by providing a second attack for one of your monsters and piercing damage respectively. What’s a few nice Link monsters to use with add Odd-eyes/Performapal/Magician pendulum deck? Einmal pro Spielzug: Du kannst eine Stufe von 1 bis 5 deklarieren und dann 1 anderes „Künstlerkumpel“-Monster wählen, das du kontrollierst; bis zum Ende dieses Spielzugs, verringere die Stufe dieser Karte um die deklarierte Stufe und falls du dies tust, erhöhe die Stufe des anderen Monsters um dieselbe Stufe. As a monster, when special summoned it can target up to two cards the player controls, destroy them both, and add Performapal monsters from … Oct 14, 2019. Has an effect that is visualized as a light show. English April 24, 2018 Koby230115 28,821 0 Comments Performapal. Performapal You can only use this effect of "Performapal Odd-Eyes Websurfer" once per turn. Lists Monster: Performapal Sleight Hand Magician x1 Performapal Handsamuraiger x3 Performapal Celestial Magician x1 Performapal Swincobra x3 Performapal Card Gardna x3 Performapal Lizardraw x2 Performapal Uni x2 Performapal Turn Trooper x3 At this time, any monster that was already Special Summoned from the Extra Deck to that Main Monster Zone is not destroyed. Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Has a phone on top of his head, which he can use to call his friends for help. Monster – Tous Droits Réservés - U.S. No. Performapal Kangaloop EARTH/Beast-type/LINK ATK 1800 LINK 2 Bottom/Right "Performapal" monsters (min.2) (1) Once per turn: You can target 1 "Performapal" monster on this card's link point; Return it to your hand then Special summon 1 "Performapal" monster from your hand with a different name and level. Namurex. Anime RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh: 10 Monsters With The Highest Defense, Ranked. Has a body mainly comprised of a boat, which is useful for aquatic transportation in an. ①: 1턴에 1번, 1~5 까지의 임의의 레벨을 선언하고, 이 카드 이외의 자신 필드의 "EM(엔터메이트)" 몬스터 1장을 대상으로 하여 발동할 수 있다. MembersSupport. Many of the weaker monsters possess strong effects that work well when used together. Possibly a younger version of "Performapal Trump Witch" due to their similar effects. Has an effect to "chain" an opponent's monster down, preventing it from attacking. The thing that makes it so confusing for me is that in Salamangreat, you can summon Accescode (a link 4 monster with 2+ materials) with an link 2 (splash mage) and 3 (transcode). Many of the weaker monsters possess strong effects that work well when used together. Is standing on its hand with an effect that returns a card to the hand. German A portmanteau of "handsome" (ハンサム Hansamu) and "liger" (ライガー Raigā), which also forms the word "Samurai" (サムライ Samurai). Enter-Mate / Entermate Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. PotartisteTranslation: Matartist Has an effect to "reflect" the targeting effect to this card. Reply. Spanish Yu-Gi-Oh! Community content is available under. Possesses the ability to be Special Summoned after another "Performapal". While "Performapals" are outstanding in manipulating ATK and granting special combat tricks to Pendulum Monsters during the Battle Phase, they suffer a debilitating lack of power under most circumstances. "Magic Deflector" and "Spell Canceller" negate most Spell Effects all together. Of these, "Pendulum Sorcerer" is the most potent as it can search for two "Performapal" monsters every turn, and due to its ability to target itself with its destruction effect, can send itself to the Extra Deck to be Pendulum Summoned later. "Performapals" can lack pushing power on their own, especially when used as a Rank 4 Monster engine, and can used alongside the "Dracoslayer", "Magician", and other Pendulum archetypes to even out Special Summoning, with "Lizardraw" and "Guitartle" as the draw combo "Monkeyboard" and "Skullcrobat Joker" can search for "Partnaga" for ATK and "Turn Toad" can weaken opposing monsters. Many of the weaker monsters possess strong effects that work well when used together. Volume 1 promotional card, Jump Victory Carnival 2016 promotional card, Saikyō Jump September 2016 promotional card, Structure Deck: Master of Pendulum Special Set. Japanese: Can discover hidden Action Cards. ARC-V The Strongest Duelist Yuya!! Deck Information; Deck Type: Meta Decks: Deck Master: Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: TCG/OCG: TCG: Submission Date: April 24th 2018: Author: Koby230115: YGOPRODeck File Download : View in Online Deck Builder Purchase on TCGplayer Text View YDKe : This is a performapal deck for the fans; Deck List; Monster… They mainly serve as your hand generators; generally you use them to gain card advantage as well as extend combos if you don't get your other engines. Yuya Sakaki with various "Performapal" monsters and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". English name refers to the koban coin on its forehead. Reply. "Performapal" monsters possess varied effects giving the archetype a lot of versatility. Una vez por turno: puedes declarar un Nivel del 1 al 5, y después selecciona otro monstruo "Artistamigo" que controles; hasta el final de este turno, reduce el Nivel de esta carta por el Nivel declarado y, si lo haces, incrementa el Nivel del otro monstruo en la misma cantidad. Performapal Sword Fish Card Type: Effect Monster Has effects that can "seal" the activation of an opponent's card. Though many of the Level 2 and 3 "Performapals" possess strong effects, the only "Performapal" monsters with a Scale of 1 are "Performapal Monkeyboard" (which is Forbidden in the TCG and OCG) and "Performapal Gumgumouton", making it very difficult to retrieve those Level 2 Pendulum Monsters from the Extra Deck without relying on Pendulum Monsters from outside the archetype. [New Box Infernity Destruction] [ Post Banlist ] [Yu-Gi-Oh! Special Summons itself when your opponent declares an attack, then changes the attack target to itself, acting as a 'border' between the attacking monster and the original target. For example, the Japanese name for "Performapal Hip Hippo" is "Discover Hippo", which reflects how it is Yuya's main mode of transportation during Action Duels to find Action Cards. Its English name refers to the popular tongue twister "She sells sea shells". "Pendulum Sorcerer" boosts all "Performapal" monster's ATK by 1000 during a turn when the player Pendulum Summons. Good stats and scale to support itself as a standalone monster, Celestial Magician can trade itself as a Pendulum Spell for an Extra Deck monster (minus a Link Monster). Nov 14, 2018 - Explore حسن علي's board "PERFORMAPAL" on Pinterest. Paired with its ability to dodge being targeted or destroyed by opposing effects by replacing itself with "Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon", "Spirit Dragon" is probably one of the most troublesome cards for "Performapal", and Pendulum Decks as a whole, to deal with. Monster Effect: Once per turn: You can declare a Level from 1 to 5, then target 1 other "Performapal" monster you control; until the end of this turn, reduce this card's Level by the declared Level, and if you do, increase the Level of the other monster by the same amount. Reference to it giving Yuya the ability to, Possesses the ability to swap a monster's. - Performapal Skeeter Skimmer (MP15-EN061) - Mega Pack 2015 - 1st Edition - Common: Toys & Games - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Once per turn, during either player's turn, if 1 or more Level/Rank 4 or/and 7 monster(s) you control would be destroyed by battle or card effect, you can activate this effect to target 1 of them, it cannot be destroy by battle or card effect this turn. Has a body and horn that both resemble a radish. These monsters also fit the whole ATK / DEF swapping thing. (1) If you Special Summon this card: You can add 1 non-Pendulum “Performapal” monster … And here we are. ArtistamicoTranslation: Artistfriend *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Anime appearances You can target 1 other face-up card you control; destroy it, then add 1 face-up Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck to your hand. Other names In this case, the deck. Yuya uses the archetype's diversity in appearance to traverse around the Duel Fields, using "Whip Snake" to scale high buildings and "Skeeter Skimmer" to travel across water. 5D's] HOPELESS BATTLE - EXTENDED [11 MINUTES]

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